Un accompagnement unique et personalisé ! Vous êtes unique et moi aussi !

Mon métier, ma passion, vous rendre plus heureux !

"same same but different" ...

Qui suis-je ? Who am I?

Je m’appelle Isabelle Delbart, j’ai plus de 25 de carrière dans le monde de l’entreprise dans lequel je continue à évoluer. Mon vécu, mes rencontres et mes expériences dans ce monde en perpétuelle restructuration font de moi une personne à l’écoute et consciente de ce qui peut être ressenti lors de bouleversements et autres évènements inattendus.

C’est afin d’ aider et de satisfaire mon goût pour l’accompagnement que je me suis orientée vers le coaching et le bien-être.

Au cours de mes formations, j’ai dû, moi aussi, me mettre face au miroir et identifier, comprendre, affronter ce que j’avais probablement ignoré pour pouvoir « fonctionner normalement » , ce travail personnel me permet aujourd’hui de vous accompagner de façon bienveillante et consciente.

C’est avec plaisir que je mets mes acquis, mes connaissances et astuces à votre service pour vous accompagner à tendre vers vos objectifs.

Au travers mes différentes expériences de vie et apprentissages, mon esprit s’est ouvert et mes compétences se sont étendues, empruntant des chemins que je n’aurai pas soupçonné…

My name is Isabelle Delbart, I have more than 25 careers in the business world in which I continue to evolve. My experience, my encounters and my background in this ever-changing world make me a person who listens and is aware of what is experienced and felt during upheavals and other unexpected event

It is in order to help and satisfy my taste for accompaniment that I focused on coaching and well-being.

During my training, I had to face the mirror too, identify, understand and face what I had probably ignored in order to "function normally" , this personal work allows me today to accompany you in a caring and conscious way

it is with pleasure that I put my knowledge, assets and tricks at your service to accompany you towards your objectives.

Through my different life experiences and leanings, my mind has opened up and my skills have expanded in ways that I would not have suspected...

Unique care, energy and quantum support.

Some treatments are part of what are called parallel therapies and they can accompany traditional medicine without ever replacing it, nor replace a medical diagnosis!

The experience you are going to live cannot be compared to what you have already experienced because it is tinged with my personality, my feelings, my achievements, my energy and of course YOUR energy.

This detonating cocktail is therefore unique and inimitable!

I imagine that you know energy and quantum care so I will dispense you with the multitude of things for which they are a real asset!

What I am proposing is a flight to your well-being., in person (face to face), or remotely (skype whatsapp…).

You don’t have time to log in or move around? No problem, we will have a telephon interview about the problem that has come up in your life and I will work remotely on it with...what will happen to me! I can’t tell you in advance what YOUR cocktail will be:-)

On this site you will see most of the training already taken, I continue to train and open myself to those who speak to me. That is why you will have the mixture, the cocktail that best suits you and that matches what you need at a given time.

Watch out for the start! The change may not be where you expect it to be...

Do you like surprises? You won’t be disappointed!