Why do / What for a remote energy treatment?

to improve the points below :

• unhappiness, lack of motivation, depression,

• impression of stagnating, of reproducing the same patterns,

• presence of stress that increasingly pollutes your daily life,

• doubts about the choices that are presented to you,

• pain (as an accompaniment to traditional medicine),

• problems with insomnia,

• painful and long convalescence (pain relief)

• a feeling of heaviness on the shoulders, a lack of vitality,

• anchoring problem,

• etc

What is remote energy healing?

A remote treatment is an energetic treatment which involves the link between a practitioner and a "person" (the one who receives the treatment). The effects of a remote session are therefore the same as in the office.

Matrix Energetics (Richard Bartlett teaching): Your Pathway to Transformation

Matrix Energetics is a powerful consciousness technology that combines science, subtle energy and physics to facilitate change in all areas of life. This complete system of healing and transformation is based on focused intent to create quick, often impressive, observable changes.

We communicate at the quantum level with the wave fronts (energy and information) that create all of reality; something we all naturally do. By participating in this ‘field’ of awareness, we remember how to open the doorway for Magic and Miracles to occur in our lives.

It can be used to heal, transform and create new possibilities, sometimes instantly. It restores natural balance, harmony and inner peace.

Ready for the change ? 

Try an Energetic and Matrix energetics support session !

Some treatments are part of what are called parallel therapies and they can accompany traditional medicine without ever replacing it, nor replace a medical diagnosis!

The experience you are going to live cannot be compared to what you have already experienced because it is tinged with my energy and of course YOUR energy !

This detonating cocktail is therefore unique and inimitable!

I imagine that you know energy and quantum care so I will dispense you with the multitude of things for which they are a real asset!

What I am proposing is a flight to your well-being., in person (face to face), or remotely (skype whatsapp…).

You don’t have time to log in or move around? No problem, we will have an interview by phone about the problem that has come up in your life and I will work remotely on it with...what will happen to me! I can’t tell you in advance what YOUR cocktail will be.

On this site you will see most of the training already taken, I continue to train and open myself to those who speak to me. That is why you will have the mixture, the cocktail that best suits you and that matches what you need at a given time.

Watch out for the start! The change may not be where you expect it to be...

Do you like surprises? You won’t be disappointed!